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MIDDY S-Slide Free-Flow Side Bush (1pc pkt)
S-Slide is a totally unique and free-flowing side bush, designed by Middy and made in the UK. The excellent design means that a hole of only 6mm is required. The bigger diameter drilled, the more carbon you are taking away from your top kit, effectively weakening it. Other side bushes on the market often require significantly bigger holes, sometimes up to 10mm or even bigger, but the S-Slide requires just 6mm, so it keeps your kit strong with far less likelihood of breakages. S-Slide is also easy to fit (round drill fit) and just clicks into place. The TPE material is soft enough to offer total protection to the pole, yet strong enough to be long-lasting and reliable. On the inside of the bush there is a super smooth finish, allowing elastic to run through perfectly and not wear out so quickly as it would with other side bushes on the market. The unique arched shape matches the contour of the pole. Inside the packaging you will find full instructions for installation, although do consult a professional if you are unsure. UK design and manufacture, yet with a price that offers excellent value for money. Try out the S-Slide and see for yourself – there is nothing better.