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NuFish In-Line Fury Float

Designed as a summer bagging float. The 2.5mm tip is ideal for margin and short pole work where bigger baits are required. The fibreglass stem is durable and stable and if you are looking for a bagging float for five feet of water or less then the FURY is exactly what you need. Sizes – 4×10, 4×12, 4×14, 4×16

Introducing the new INLINE Pole Float range from NuFish.

Designed to withstand the rigours and demands of modern commercial fisheries where winning weights, and fish, are getting bigger! Built using market-leading Rohacell foam, these floats are built to last whilst being manufactured with precision to ensure every NuFish float you buy is EXACTLY the same.

Featuring the Power Eye system combined with inline bodies, these floats will take everything that you throw at them yet give you the presentation and performance you need to put more fish in your net.

The six-strong family covers a wide range of commercial fishing situations, whether you are targeting skimmers in the winter or double figure carp in the height of summer, there is a float here for you.

Hi-Visibility bristles in a range of diameters mean that not only are these floats designed for specific fishing requirements, but they are incredibly visible even in poor light conditions.


4X10, 4X12, 4X14, 4X16