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Introducing the Fluoro Link, the ultimate fluorocarbon hooklink designed to elevate your angling game. Engineered with precision, this cutting-edge hooklink combines the unparalleled invisibility of fluorocarbon with exceptional strength and durability. The Fluoro Link offers superior knot strength, ensuring secure hook holds and increased landing success. Its low diameter enhances presentation, providing a subtle and natural bait presentation that won’t spook wary fish. Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, the Fluoro Link is a must-have for anglers seeking an edge. Upgrade your fishing setup with this high-performance fluorocarbon hooklink and experience the difference it makes on your next fishing adventure.

  • Supple, low memory fluorocarbon material, ideal for hooklinks, leaders and boom sections
  • Fast sinking and virtually invisible underwater
  • High abrasion resistant and anti-tangle properties
  • Superb knot strength and reliability
  • Colour: Clear
  • Available on 20m Spools in 20lb, 25lb, breaking strains

20LB /0.41MM, 25LB /0.45MM