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 The Trakker Micro Rig Swivel Size 20 is ideal for creating the perfect presentation with your complexity of its revolutionary design. With strong and durable construction, it can easily handle any angler’s expectations. Featuring a dedicated hookbait swivel to sit tight to the shank when flossing away baits onto the rig, you will be able to create an amazing display around your bait. This marvelous tackle component also allows 360-degree movement of hookbait, giving you plenty of options for how to present your bait however you like! Finally, coated in a protective anti-glare matt black finish, you don’t have to worry about reflecting too much light from where your fish are hiding. Perfect for both craftsmen and novices alike, the Trakker Micro Rig Swivel Size 20 allows upmost flexibility at crafting your desired environment for catching fish