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MIDDY Lo-Viz Fluorocrystal Line (100m spool) PLUS 10M FREE


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MIDDY Lo-Viz Fluorocrystal LINE (100m spool)


One of Europe’s most popular lines, Lo-Viz fluorocrystal is a stiff high-tech line but it has a slight degree of stretch, making it ideal for both pole or rod-and-reel work. A slight tint of grey in the polymer makes it virtually invisible underwater. Lo-Viz is available in various breaking strains with very accurate diameters, and it is ultra-reliable with its high knot strength in relation to diameter. Middy offer two types of line, Lo-Viz and M-Tech, and are often asked how to choose between them – well actually they are both needed in your kit! Lo-Viz has lower diameters in relation to breaking strains, and it is less visible, while M-Tech has more stretch and is aimed more at feeder fishing, with its exclusive Hard-Shell technology. Many, many anglers use Lo-Viz for their pole rig set-ups and, while it can be used on the reel and is by many for things like presenting wagglers, it must be said that Lo-Viz really comes into its own for rigs and hook lengths – that is its primary purpose. M-Tech, on the other hand, is designed mainly to be used for bottom presentations on the feeder and bomb. M-Tech can also be used for the waggler, but lots of anglers use it exclusively on feeder set-ups and then switch to Lo-Viz for the pole. Match Fishing magazine consider Lo-Viz to be “excellent” and it has been rated highly amongst a lot of Europe’s most elite anglers for decades, so if you want the perfect line for pole set-ups, get on Lo-Viz. It comes on 100 metre spools (which can easily fill a match size reel with perfect line) and most diameters come with an additional 10 metres free!


2.6LB 0.10MM, 3.2LB 0.12MM, 4.4LB 0.14MM, 5.2LB 0.16MM, 6.1LB 0.18MM, 8.0LB 0.20MM, 10.3LB 0.22MM


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