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The crimps are the perfect tool for any angler who wants to create rigs and booms with precision and ease. With their double-barrel, precision-formed, smooth-edged copper construction, crimping is a breeze and you can be sure that your rigs and booms will be perfectly formed every time. Crimping retains higher line strength compared to knots, ensuring that your rig is as strong as possible. These crimps are ideal for modern rig construction, Ronnie booms, and Chod rigs. The dull anti-glare finish ensures that these crimps won’t spook any fish and they come supplied in a handy storage box with 50 per pack. To get the best results, we recommend using them with the Trakker Crimping Tool, which is designed specifically for use with these crimps. You’ll be able to create perfect rigs and booms with ease, every time.


0.6MM, 0.7MM