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Trakker Heli Bore Beads, The Trakker Heli Bore Beads are the only large-bore rubber beads specifically designed for use in helicopter setups. With these beads, you can create a reliable stopper at your desired depth that won’t affect the movement of the bait. The beads are soft and have a large-bore size. This ensures they will pass any line or leader knots that may be present, saving you time and hassle when setting up your rigs. Additionally, the camouflage colour makes sure it blends seamlessly with its underwater environment. Whether it’s bottom fishing at great depths or soft baiting over weeded areas, Trakker Heli Bore Beads can help to ensure you get the results you want from your setup every time. Get maximum performance and reliability from your rig while avoiding unnecessary stops with Trakker Heli Bore Beads!